About us

Since 1988 we are the first to be active in the field of satellite television reception, installing throughout Greece corresponding satellite systems, with mirrors with a diameter of 2.4m and 3.0m.

In the summer of 1993, we were one of the first to move – with great success – in the field of GSM mobile telephony. New devices from brands such as Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson, were sold in thousands of units, by our then established company ONOMA SA, together with the respective subscription contracts, through the mobile telephony company Telestet (nowdays Wind), in all of Greece.

Since 1995 we have also differentiated in the relevant fields of the most advanced telecommunication systems (hybrid digital and fully digital PBX systems – mainly Panasonic) and the powerful business units and PC servers (mainly Compaq and Toshiba).

In 1997 we started dealing with networks (based on coaxial cabling, non-UTP), then we gradually started to distribute data through simple distributors, with primitive switches as well as multiplexers based on the X.25 protocol.

After 1999 the characteristic role of our company was expanded from “Simple Retailer” to a “Value Added Reseller”. Specialized services – such as installation, scheduling, maintenance, support – were gradually added to the unique “Box Moving”, while the product line evolved, with the addition of business products such as Business Pabx units, network equipment for data transmission – voice and video, download software and call data processing, ISDN-based teleconferencing systems (BRI – PRI), voice mail systems (Voice Mail), CTI systems, GSM gateways, simple security systems, etc.

At the beginning of the 21st century, when the era of modern networks began to emerge with UTP cabling, star topology, TCP / IP protocols, etc., our company dealt with modern switches, routers, repeaters and then with networking and image and video sharing.

In 2008 we completed the range of solutions we offer to our customers with physical security (interconnected alarm systems, high-tech analog cameras, access control systems), logical security (secure communications, data security, etc.), based on corresponding development of infrastructure and protocols. With the development of VoIP from 2014 onwards, we gradually progressed in the evolution of all the technologies used from the traditional communication model (dial-up, GSM, etc.), in an IP environment (Internet Protocol).

From the end of 2018, the progressive transition of the range of our activities began, in the cloud, in full VoIP systems, in modern data rooms, in specialized servers (routers) and network security devices (firewalls) etc.

In this context, relatively recently (mid-2019) we have reactivated in the field of satellite connections, in collaboration with Eutelsat for data transmission (satellite data), already counting dozens of facilities, mainly in hotels in Santorini and Corfu.

Today we are one of the few companies in Greece that can offer complete combined internet access solutions, based on the simultaneous exploitation of any available connection (Adsl, Vdsl, 4G, Microwave, Satellite), so that the end result is excellent possible. In addition, we are the only ones who offer additional services (equipment insurance, management of customer equipment connected to the satellite router via static ip, captive portal, etc.) to our customers of satellite connections.

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