Satdata Benefits

At SATDATA we offer a range of useful services to our customers for the best satellite connection experience:

Benefit from the 3-way simultaneous connection

In some cases, satellite internet may not be the only available internet connection on a customer’s premises. May coexist with other types of connections e.g. 4G-LTE, ADSL/ VDSL. SATDATA is the only company that offers through its specialized techniques and the use of the appropriate router the dual (or triple) simultaneous internet connection, through all available sources. When one connection method does not work for various reasons, then the second or third connection method is activated. After all, who would not want to have access to the internet at all times? Finally, any kind of existing connection can be programmed to serve a specific purpose (e.g. Satellite data for use by customers). At the same time, rules can be set to avoid abuse of the range of connections by a “sly” user, such as the internal restriction of data volume consumption per day / user, etc.

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