What is satellite internet and why to choose it

Satellite internet is a type of broadband internet connection mediated by a satellite to transmit a network signal through your Eutelsat operator. The operator receives data from the internet provider (internet provider), which then transmits wirelessly – at very high frequencies and with the help of special very large dishes – to the satellite. The signal then comes to you and is collected by your satellite dish. The dish is connected to your modem / router, which – in turn – connects your devices (mobile, tablet, computer, smart tv, etc.) wirelessly or wired, to the internet. The process works both ways, so you have an active internet connection. SATDATA monitors, coordinates and supports its customers in all matters related to their satellite internet connection.

Facts vs Myths

As with any new and innovative service that has not been widely used, there are some “myths” about the reliability of the service and some data that we must take into account before deciding on the right satellite internet package. Taking into account these inaccuracies, we will give you the correct answers.

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